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9th floor, Selborne Chambers
174 Phillip St
Sydney NSW 2000
DX 376 Sydney

David D. Knoll AM is a barrister at 9 Selborne Chambers in Sydney, with a strong commitment to first-class service and to cost-effective dispute resolution, recognising that solicitors are responsible to their clients for the delivery of outcomes at reasonable cost.

His equity and commercial practice is principally in the NSW Supreme Court and in the Federal Court of Australia. He also appears in the District Court of NSW and the New South Wales Commercial and Administrative Tribunal.

In January 2019, David was appointed editor of Strata Laws NSW, the premier legal service concerning strata and community title law in NSW, and was admitted as a Fellow of the Australian College of Strata Lawyers.

After completing postgraduate work as a W.W. Cook Fellow at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, he practised with prestigious US law firms, Jones, Day and Coudert Brothers over many years before returning to Australia, whereupon he developed substantial experience in both legal and management roles in the finance and energy sectors. For example, David led the development of Australia's first plain English export credit insurance products, having earlier been seconded to the McKinsey & Company, Inc. review of Austrade-EFIC.

He has presented two short papers as part of Nine Selborne Chambers' 2020 Zoom CPD series. Download them here:

His curriculum vitae are available here.